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More awards! New website!

Svenningsen chocolate is launching a brand-new website shortly – with more news on our award-winning chocolates, chocolatier Peter Svenningsen and his philosophy behind it all.

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And: Once again, Svenningsen Chocolatier was awarded medals in the International Chocolate Awards, the regional rounds for Scandinavia 2016: Gold for a flavoured bar; Wild Thyme Infusion, Gold for an unflavoured dark chocolate ganache; Lovely Lazy 85% and Silver in the same category for the Grated 100. In Flavored dark chocolate ganache: Gold for Blackberry Infusion, Bronze for Nicaliso Cider Infusion and Bronze for Strawberry Gastrik. In Ganaches using mixed dark/milk/white: Silver for Apple Thyme and finally in Spreads: Gold for Olive oil Chocolate Spread!

At the World Finals 2015 of the International Chocolate Awards in London, 4 medals were given to our chocolates: 3 silver medals and 1 bronze for the following:

Dark flavoured ganachesSilver: Lazy Cherry Infusion. Silver: Grainy Pear. Bronze: Fig.

Dark unflavoured ganacheSilver: Grated 100.

Skærmbillede 2015-05-25 kl. 12.09.05

Finalist for “Produktprisen” 2015 at Sol Over Gudhjem chef’s competition

Happy to announce that two Svenningsen chocolates – the wild blueberry/rosemary and the spruce infusion – have been selected for the finals for “Produktprisen” at the annual chef’s competition on Bornholm “Sol Over Gudhjem“. This award “celebrates the best local produce in the country within the categories Food, Beverages and Confectionery”, judged by some of Denmark’s leading chefs. The winners will be found and announced at the competition taking place in Gudhjem on Bornholm June 27. If your summer vacation goes to Bornholm, be sure to come by – there will be samples, both from the chef’s competition and products nominated for Produktprisen. The event has a  Facebook page here that is regularly updated.

Nordic Food Fair at Nikolai Plads – May 28-30

Svenningsen Chocolatier will be at Nikolaj Plads May 28-30, taking part in the “Nordlige Norden” food fair, feel free to come by and be inspired and stock up on some intense authentic foods from the northern-most parts of the Nordic countries. There’ll be booths selling specialties from skyr and tea and salt over liquor and spices to meats and marmalades – and of course scrumptious filled chocolates. And there’ll be different workshops you can partake in. For free! So come by Nikolaj Plads Thursday May 28th 1pm – 6 pm, Friday the 29th 1pm – 8pm or Saturday the 30th 10am-6pm. Hope to see you there! : )

Click for the event’s Facebook-page (opens in a new window/tab)

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International Chocolate Awards 2015 – 3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze!

Again this year in the Scandinavian Regional competition at the International Chocolate Awards, Svenningsen Chocolatier was awarded no less than 3 gold medals – and 2 silver: The “Graded 100%” won gold in Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches, the Lazy Olive Oil and the Rhubarb won gold in Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches, where the Fig and Lazy Cherry Infusion took Silver. Grainy Pear got Bronze. Wonderful recognition! The Gallery has been updated with new chocolates and the awards labels : )


Se the list of winners here.

2014 World Finals London – 1 gold and 2 silver

svenningsenchocolatier-chocolate-food-protography (foto Martin Kaufmann) 5

After doing really well at the Scandinavian Regional Competition, my expectations for the world finals was much lower. However, I had a fantastic competition, bringing home a gold medal as well as two silver medals…,
Entering the the category “Flavoured dark ganaches and truffles”, I was thrilled when the Wild Blueberry/Rosemary won a gold medal. Nice when so much time and energy was put into a piece of chocolate, that it was given this kind of recognition. The blueberries are picked wild in northern Jutland, then cooked and reduced with rosemary, and finally made into a water ganche.
Gaining a silver was one of my personal favourites: my Olive Oil/Yuzu piece. Quality italien olive oil, where whole organic lemons are pressed together with the olives. Starting with a pure water ganache, streaming in the oil and adding a splash of freeze dried yuzu shell. A fresh, rich and smooth piece.
The second silver was given to the pure Nicaliso water ganache, fused with an extract of spruce needles. Picked less than 5 km from my kitchen, it is a very local piece.

See the full list of awards here.

Peter Svenningsen - photo Martin Kaufmann

Chocolate co-creation

I strive to make some of the best filled chocolates. And to do this, it is important to use some of the best chocolate in the world. Luckily I don’t have to travel so far away; some, if not the best chocolate in the world, is produced in Denmark by Mikkel Friis-Holm. With a dark chocolate palette that is mind boggling and fantastic, I use solely Friis-Holm for my different chocolates. Depending on the ingredients for the specific ganache, I’lI choose the coverture chocolate that has the right taste, be it sweeter, acidic, fruity, earth tones etc.

International Chocolate Awards – Scandinavian Regional 2014

At the newly held Scandinavian Regional Competition 2014 of the International Chocolate Awards, we are proud to announce that svenningsen chocolatier managed to bring home a total of 6 awards: 3 gold and 3 silver.

The gold medals were won in three different catagories:

Flavoured dark ganaches: Nicaliso spruce infusion
Dark – enrobed whole nuts: Spicy Pecan
Dark chocolate marzipan: Limited edition marzipan with rhubarb ganache

In the flavoured dark ganache catagory, we received silver medals for the following:
Olive oil/yuzu
Nicaliso lilac infusion
Wild bluberry

See more here:


The origin of cocoa – and the return to authenticity and quality

Originally the cacao tree grew in South America. It has been cultivated and grown around the world wherever the conditions are right, usually humid forest in tropic climate.


More to come…


Visit to Pometet

I was lucky to be invited to Pometet, the danish genetic archive of fruit and berries. Here i learned to graft my own apple trees. In years to come, i could use these apples in my chocolates… :)

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Melting chocolate…

Here’s a little video clip of chocolate melting… looks rather good, doesn’t it? Pity the smell doesn’t transfer too… :-)