The Chocolate

The Chocolate

All chocolates are handmade by Peter Svenningsen. See the movie about Peter here

Only the best chocolates

Only the best chocolates

We are uncompromising in choosing the chocolates that we work with. We would like to use the best, and feel that we have found this in Friis-Holm chocolates.

Locally picked produce

Locally picked produce

The artisanal chocolates are always made with locally/nordic grown produce and without preservatives, cream, butter, emulsifiers etc.

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Good match

Met e fellow named Flemming. Complete portugal enthusiast, and he introduced me to Vinho Licoroso. Its more or less a port, and its great with chocolate! Its super sweet and nice.

Try it out, its a heavenly match :)

Check it out here:



The origin of cocoa – and the return to authenticity and quality

Originally the cacao tree grew in South America. It has been cultivated and grown around the world wherever the conditions are right, usually humid forest in tropic climate. Today the vast majority of cacao comes from Africa and Indonesia. But many of the finest qualities are from South or Central America, where Chocolate firms like Kaoka and Oialla…

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Hello world!

Brede Chokolade Værk opened its doors in january 2013, ready to produce high end chocolates. Already now, by March, thousands of pieces of chocolate have been crafted, packed and shipped from the little, cozy factory in Brede.

Thanks to all who attended our humble opening reception in February! Looking forward to serving you lots more chocolates in the future!